About Us

About Feminista Journal

A note from the Editor

Welcome to Feminista Journal!  It is incredible to have reached this stage of the journey — from initial concept to launching what we hope will be a terrific online platform for women.

If you are interested in submitting a piece to Feminista Journal or have any feedback at all, please reach out to us at

Feminista Journal is about women’s voices

Feminista Journal is a forum for women’s voices to be heard. It is about the perspectives of women on any subject. Whether the subject be work, culture, sexuality, politics, parenting (or anything else!) what matters is that it is women’s voices and women’s experiences that are being shared and heard.  We’ve been asked if trans women are able to submit a piece – the answer is “hell yes!”.  Men are welcome as readers and subscribers of the Journal.

Feminista Journal is feminist and seeks to be diverse

Feminista Journal is proudly feminist and seeks to promote diversity. It gives a voice to all women regardless of age, sexuality, cultural background or perspective.  

Feminista Journal seeks to be thoughtful

Feminista Journal is a place for thoughtful analysis — by women — on any topic. It challenges the trend to packaging information in bite-sized pieces. Social media doesn’t lend itself to considered analysis of issues. Feminista Journal aspires to more. It is not a “lifestyle” publication. It is not about selling beauty products. It is not about celebrity culture. It is about real women and their stories and perspectives.

Feminista Journal is different 

As you’ll see, there are no “likes”/”dislikes” or comment sections for published pieces.  Why?  Too often, these tools create a negative environment for both author and readers alike and do not add to meaningful debate.  Feminista Journal wants its contributors to feel free to write about whatever they choose, without fear of trolls or sexist/racist commentary. 

Feminista Journal is also prepared to publish pieces on an anonymous basis, or using a pseudonym.  There are many reasons why a woman may not wish to be identified when publishing a piece online, and Feminista Journal wants to hear those voices as well as everyone else’s.

Feminista Journal is independent and not-for-profit

Feminista Journal is truly independent. It has no corporate affiliations and is not beholden to advertising dollars.

Feminista Journal is not operated for a profit.  It doesn’t receive money from advertisers or subscriptions.  Any donations made are fully directed to Feminista Journal’s operating costs (principally, paying professional writers or aspiring professional writers for their work).  No-one at Feminista Journal receives any income from the Journal – it is a labour of love.

Why Feminista Journal? 

Feminista Journal started with a thought about what young women today might find when they google “feminism”.  There are many feminist/feminist-leaning websites, but in the main they are focused on specific issues or targeted towards a particular demographic. Some feature a lot of advertising and are more akin to celebrity gossip blogs.  We felt there was room for something different. In this way, Feminista Journal started to take shape.

A few features crystallised over time.  We wanted the platform to include considered/thoughtful pieces rather than click-bait.  We wanted the platform to be independent – in particular, free of the need for advertising dollars. We wanted the platform to be diverse, creating a space for voices that aren’t often heard. It was also important to us that women be able to contribute anonymously, because we recognize that (for a range of reasons) many women would not be able to contribute if they must identify themselves.  We also made a decision not to show “likes/dislikes” or comments in relation to published pieces, because such features can foster negativity.

With the help of an incredible design team (Principle Design), not to mention a lot more brainstorming with friends, here we are.

Submitting a piece to Feminista Journal

Feminista Journal welcomes submissions.  You don’t need to be a professional writer to submit a piece – the Journal seeks to be broad, rather than narrow, in its reach.  If you have a piece to submit for consideration (or any questions) email the editor at .

A few points to note:

  • Publication is entirely at the discretion of the editor.
  • Pieces may be published under your name, anonymously or under a pseudonym.
  • Contributors retain the copyright in their work.  However, the editor may wish to edit your piece before publication.  Your piece will not be published in edited form without your consent.  
  • Feminista Journal seeks to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  Accordingly, pieces of any length and style will be considered.  However, pieces that vilify or defame will not be published.  Respectful dialogue is encouraged.

Feminista Journal operates on a not-for-profit basis. Accordingly it does not ordinarily pay contributors. However, Feminista Journal wishes to support women who are working as writers (or starting out in the field). Accordingly, the Journal will consider payment for pieces written by professional writers. If you wish to submit a piece for consideration on this basis, please contact the editor to discuss at .