Interview with Ashley Remer of Girl Museum (Part One)

In this three-part interview, Feminista Journal sat down with Ashley Remer from Girl Museum for a wide-ranging conversation covering topics from: what girl-centred feminism is, the safety of girls on the internet and the impact of social media, the gendered socialisation of young children, and the importance of cultivating empathy for social and cultural change. Drawing from Ashley’s extensive academic and practice background, as a scholar and as a museum professional, we engage with theory and practice to uncover and challenge some of the trends and norms we take for granted. Speaking directly to our audience, girls and women and mothers and mothers-to-be, we grapple with the question of what it takes to raise children in ways that raise their agency and protect their vulnerability – and in ways that transcend gendered stereotypes. Join us for an inspiring, empowering and very practical conversation about how we can collectively transform and lift up ourselves, each other, and society at large.